Emma Butcher is a second-year AHRC doctoral candidate at the 1176293_10202623955574736_6437805357983270110_n (1)University of Hull, UK. Her thesis responds to the Brontë children as commentators of war, looking at representations of conflict and military masculinity in their juvenilia. Her study covers various themes surrounding both historic, and specifically, Napoleonic warfare such as masculine physicality and violence, military-induced trauma and representations of death and mourning. Aside from her thesis, she represents postgraduate students on the BAVS’s executive committee and is currently co-curating a major exhibition at the Brontë Parsonage Museum to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. In June, she will be flying out to Brussels to speak on ‘Wellington and Napoleon as Early Brontë Heroes’.

Email address:

Twitter: @EmmaButcher_


P1060112Anna Maria Barry is a PhD candidate at Oxford Brookes University, where she is a member of the OBERTO opera research unit. Her research focuses on male opera singers of the nineteenth century and examines their relationship with issues of masculinity, nationalism and celebrity. She is especially interested in the relationship that British singers forged with the Navy, most notably during the Napoleonic Wars, and her research explores the ways in which this relationship influenced constructions of masculinity. Anna has a wider interest in the representation of sailors and the sea on the nineteenth-century stage and has written about dramatic tributes to Lord Nelson and role of the sea in theatrical autobiographies.

Email address:

Twitter: @AnnaMariaB87



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